Whaddup, I’m the official T Villa [seeing that everyone feels this way]. I’m self-managed, self-promoted and a self-funded Hip-Hop artist. Firstly, thank you so much for your support and visiting my website. It is people like you that keep artists like me afloat – both in finance and spirit.

I have started classifying my music as “Grind Music”, merely because hip-hop seems to bring images of strippers, drugs and violence.  This could be true, BUT, what about the real life struggle in the urban city?  Those who are living in the melting pot of the city, writing songs about the events they see on the streets and caught in passing trends.  I feel we need sub-genres, then my “Grind Music” would be acceptable.

When I first stepped up to a mic, I made a plan and a promise to myself that I’m going harder than most; I will focus more on the direction of my craft (my music). I will use my time wisely and make progress in every way possible; in music and in life. I will continue grinding; continue learning, and growing in this industry. I will not listen to the negative; always believe in myself 100 percent because you’re the only person that has to live with your success or failure; while others try to tear you down.

So, a quick resume of fortune:
I was fortunate enough to work people like; FM 98 WJLB’s Big Dog Blast; DJ Infamous VA; my producers; AK and Motizzy; my homie Steve B;  Dj BJ and a couple other people who’ve been in my corner (sorry if I left you out.

I intend to use this website to inform you of new gigs, releases, videos and other things. From time to time, I also would like to promote other independent and mainstream artists that I like and would like to enlarge your knowledge of Detroit Hip Hop artists :).

If you are looking for ways you can stay in touch and help me in my musical endeavors, I would like it, if you would:

  • Subscribe to my website.
  • “Like Me” on Facebook(and perhaps share my page on your wall…)
  • Follow me on Instagram @OfficialT_Villa
  • Follow me on Twitter @OfficialT_Villa
  • Review my music on Soundcloud
  • Play my music to your friends, or play it in your ride at FULL VOLUME for people sharing the peak hour sound scape with you.

Thanks for your support,

T Villa

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